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It's All In The Genes

Last time we took a look at the simulated annealing global minimisation algorithm which searches for points at which functions return their least possible values and which drew its inspiration from the metallurgical process of annealing which minimises the energy state of the crystalline structure of metals by first heating and then slowly cooling them.
Now as it happens, physics isn't the only branch of science from which we can draw inspiration for global optimisation algorithms. For example, in biology we have the process of evolution through which the myriad species of life on Earth have become extraordinarily well adapted to their environments. Put very simply this happens because offspring differ slightly from their parents and differences that reduce the chances that they will survive to have offspring of their own are less likely to be passed down through the generations than those that increase those chances.
Noting that extraordinarily well adapted is more or less synonymous with near maximally adapted, it's not unreasonable to suppose that we might exploit a mathematical model of evolution to search for global maxima of functions, being those points at which they return their greatest possible values.

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