Two Against One


Two Against One

Greetings Sir R-----! Will you join me in a glass of wine and a wager to make it that much the sweeter?

Excellent fellow!

May I propose a game of Two Against One, the name of which always puts me in mind of the time I finally settled the question of which school of fencing was indubitably the superior by testing my mettle against Caranza of the Spanish school and Capo Ferro of the Italian, my having grown weary of their constant bickering about whose was the greatest when I had no doubt whatsoever that it was in fact the German. Unfortunately, not half an hour after I had agreed to meet them upon the piste I was called upon by the Empress of Russia to depart that very evening as her envoy to the Jovian court, there to present a magnificently jewelled egg to its emperor at his summer ball in recognition of the recently ratified trade agreement between their two great houses.
Now, as you will no doubt be aware, the Jovians are sticklers for punctuality what with their days being so fleeting and their consequently having so little time to spare, so there was no question of my missing my departure. I therefore resolved to take on both Caranza and Capo Ferro simultaneously, a strategy that would not only save me valuable time but would leave not a shadow of a doubt within their minds as to the inferiority of their techniques.
That I was victorious hardly needs mentioning. That not a solitary touch was scored against me is a fact from which I take, deservedly to my mind, some small pride.

But here now I am keeping us from our game!

Two Against One is a simple game of dice which will cost you but a coin to play. You may then cast a pair of dice and have from me a prize equal to the greater of their values. I, in turn, shall cast a single die and have from you a prize equal to its.

Upon describing this game to that odious student who it is my unbearable burden to know, he commenced to wittering on about his desire to accumulate a maximal quantity of gammon. One can only presume that he has finally recognised his failings in matters philosophical and is planning upon abandoning his studies in favour of the street food business; a prospect which I fear may ultimately overwhelm the medical establishment.

But let us not worry upon that just now! No, take another glass and think upon your chances!

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