The Game Masters Of Triskelion



Salutations Sir R-----! I trust that this fine evening finds you in good mettle and, perchance, of a mind for a little sport to accompany our libations?

It gladdens me to hear it sir!

I propose a game based upon the curious literary tradition of the subterranean peoples of Triskelion. I once visited their land during the festival of Djenqon, when tradition dictates that they emerge from their dank underground lairs into the cold light of day, often elaborately costumed, and gather in communal halls to gorge themselves on savoury baked goods and sickly sweet drinks whilst regaling each other with the retelling of legends.
Now the curious part is that during these retellings the audience take upon themselves the roles of the legendary heroes and dictate their actions, with consequences determined by the rolling of a number of somewhat oddly shaped dice. The rules governing those consequences are both tortuous and vague and as a result much of the festival is spent in heated arguments whilst poring over the voluminous tomes detailing them; arguments that often come to blows, which is to say the rolling of yet more oddly shaped dice. The master of ceremonies, in addition to the role of narrator of sorts, is therefore afforded that of arbiter of such disputes, should they become excessively tiresome.

Let me tell of my encounter with a troll, a horrid carnivore found in nearly every clime. They are feared by most creatures, as a troll knows no fear and attacks unceasingly. I, however, also know no fear and so stood my ground when one of the nauseating moss green, mottled green and gray, or putrid gray skinned monsters set upon me with its clawed forelimbs and its great teeth. Despite its very great strength, the creature was unable to do me harm since I could easily evade its clumsy attacks, but as the mêlée to and fro'd the beast regenerated, growing in vitality with startling rapidity. The fight lasted for several hours, with the monster's wounds healing almost as quickly as I could inflict them, but I eventually prevailed through my dexterity with the rapier, the strength of my lunge and the wisdom and intelligence of my charismatic swordplay!

To tell this tale in the fashion of Triskelion we shall represent the troll's vitality with these four heart tokens. At each turn of the game I, playing the troll, shall add one more token. We shall then roll dice to determine whether or not you, playing me, shall land a hit upon it. You shall have a four-sided die, shaped somewhat like a pyramid and from which you shall read from the bottom, and I shall have a plain die and shall, as is customary, read from the top. If your roll equals or exceeds mine you may remove two tokens from the troll's pile and if you exhaust them then you shall have slain the beast!
To add a little spice, the game will cost you one coin to play and you shall have four coins should you emerge victorious.

That miserable student, whose acquaintance has been unforgivably thrust upon me, after my explaining just such a Triskelion-style story to him, set to describing, in incomprehensible detail, a ruin that lay at the end of a barricaded path that he chanced upon whilst rambling that weekend; as if I should care one whit about his site-seeing!

But now, I am keeping us from our sport! Here, take another drink whilst you decide whether or not you are in the mood for a fight!

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