May The Fours Be With You


The Fours

Sir R-----! Come join me for a glass of chilled wine! I have a notion that you're in the mood for a wager. What say you?

I knew it!

I have in mind a game of dice that reminds me of my time as the Russian military attaché to the city state of Coruscant and its territories during the traitorous popular uprising fomented by the blasphemous teachings of a fundamentalist religious sect known as the Jedi.
Those belligerent ingrates had assembled four formations of warships along the coasts of various islands in the four archipelagos that lay at the outskirts of the empire with the intention of launching a surprise naval offensive.
Fortunately, I was struck with a forceful premonition and was able to advise the Emperor-Mage Palpatine in which of them they could be found. He was consequently able to direct his fleet with sufficient force to scupper them where they rested!

But enough of history; let me tell you its rules!

Take these four four sided dice and place them showing whichsoever faces as takes your fancy. I shall then cast these four of my own and the game shall be yours if you have successfully forecast how they should fall, regardless of where or when they do so.
It shall cost you four of your coins to play and the reward for foresight is forty four of mine.

When I tried to describe the rules of this game to that near-sighted student of whom I have told you, he utterly ignored me and instead began stridently proclaiming the disdain that he and his fellows hold for the natural order of society and that they should by rights have the greater piece of the pie. It is less a matter of prediction than a grim inevitability that they would drive mankind to wrack and ruin should they ever wrest the reins of power from their elders and betters!

But let us not concern ourselves with the rebellious nature of today's youth; they hardly measure against the mettle of our generation! No, take another glass and ponder your powers of prediction!

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