The Fours Reawakens


The Fours Reawakens

Hail Sir R-----! Come join me for a tankard of this rather exceptional spring ale!

Might you also join me in a little sport?

You are, my friend, a most dependable fellow!

I suggest a game that puts me in mind of my second tenure as the Russian military attaché to Coruscant. Some years after I helped the Emperor-Mage Palpatine crush the uprising led by the blasphemous warrior-priests known as Jedi, news reached the Russian court that they were now waging a guerilla campaign against the duly anointed tyrant's armed forces and I was dispatched post haste to lend support once more.
I soon realised that the insurgents were assigning their four forces to strike at targets in Coruscant's four outlying territories entirely at random in an attempt to divine my strategy for defence. I therefore had little choice but to reinforce their defences with my four divisions in the same fashion in anticipation of each attack. I'm sure that you must have read about the consequences in the popular press of the time!

But now I have kept us from our sport! Let me explain to you its rules!

We shall each take four four sided dice and, for a cost of twenty eight coins, you may chance yours against mine for a bounty of thirteen coins for each of yours that you can pair with one of mine on account of their showing the same face.

When I told that weak-minded student, whose company I wish I could easily evade, about this game he commenced to confessing that his expectations regarding his financial arrangements have been entirely backwards. I could easily have told him so should he have been willing to listen; the lack of understanding of money and its proper management entirely explains why those not born to it are condemned by their own incompetence to continual impecunity!

But let us not spoil our evening with talk of that wretch! Come let me refill your vessel whilst you think upon your thirst for a wager!

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