Welcome Sir R-----! Pray join me for a draught of cider to refresh you on this close summer's eve!

Would you be in the mood for some sporting diversion?

It pleases me to hear so Sir! It pleases me greatly!

I challenge you to a game that reflects the somewhat unique political system adopted by the three sister-queens of Thornborough; Alnitak, Alnilam and Mintaka. Whilst ruling as a triumvirate their constitution requires all three to concur upon any decision, quite unlike any others in antiquity or modernity which, as I'm quite sure that you are aware, require but two.
Unfortunately the sisters are quite inconstant and my mission to secure a trade deal was intolerably extended whilst waiting for all three to come to the same conclusion whilst they were each ever changing their minds!

But let us not dwell upon the trials and tribulations of my diplomatic career! Instead I shall tell you the rules so that we may begin our sport!

The game consists of tossing a coin until there's a run of three heads or of three tails. It shall cost you seven of your coins to play and you shall have one of mine for each toss of the coin!

When I explained the nature of this wager to that dithering student who continually pesters me, he admitted, with a surprising display of self-awareness, that his attempts at the subversion of the natural social order had been two-faced from their very outset!

Whether such an epiphany will have any lasting effect upon one so impotent is hardly of concern to nobles such as we. No! Put it out of your mind, refill your mug and consider your willingness to play!

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