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Two By Two

Hello there Sir R-----! Come join me by the hearth for a dram of warming spirits! I trust that this cold spell has not chilled your desire for a wager?

Good man! Good man!

I must say that the contrast between the warmth of this fire and the frost outside brings most vividly to my mind an occasion during my tenure as the Empress's ambassador to the land of Oz; specifically the time that I attended King Quadling Rex's winter masked ball during which his southern palace was overrun by an infestation of Snobbles!

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Onwards And Downwards

Greetings Sir R-----! Might I suggest that you take one of these spiced beef pies and a mug of mulled cider to stave off this winter chill? And perhaps a wager to fire the blood?

Good man! Good man!

I propose a game that ever puts me in mind of my ill-fated expedition to recover for the glory of the Empress of Russia the priceless Amulet of Yendor from the very depths of Hell.

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Good heavens Sir R----- you look quite pallid! Come take a seat and let me fetch you a measure of rum to restore your humors.
To further improve your sanguinity might I suggest a small wager?

Splendid fellow!

I have in mind a game invented to commemorate my successfully quashing the Caribbean zombie uprising some few several years ago. Now, as I'm sure you well know, zombies have ever been a persistent, if sporadic, scourge of those islands. On that occasion, however, there arose a formidable leader from amongst their number; the zombie Lord J------ the Insensate.

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Turnabout Is Fair Play

Why, you look chilled to the bone Sir R-----! Come sit by the hearth and warm yourself whilst I fetch you a medicinal glass of brandy.
To your very good health sir! Will you join me in a wager whilst you recover?

Good show!

I propose a game that I learned upon the banks of the river Styx whilst my fellow travellers and I were waiting for the ferry. This being the third time that I had died, I was quite accustomed to the appalling service quality of the Hadean public transport system and so was most appreciative of a little sport to pass the time.

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Turning Sixteen

Salutations, Sir R-----! Might I presume that a glass of warming spirit might kindle your passion for wager upon this chill winter's night?

It shames me to have doubted it sir, it shames me to have doubted it!

As you will have no doubt read in the popular press, I was recently ordained as the Metropolitan of Moscow. Less well reported is that this was done at the request of the Empress so as to facilitate trade negotiations with the fervently religious, and perplexingly geriatric, peoples of Sedna; an extremely distant and relatively small territory entirely governed by its priesthood.

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Onwards And Upwards

Felicitations of the season Sir R-----! I trust that the cold weather has not chilled your passion for wager?

I should not have doubted it sir! Come, take a mug of mulled cider and a seat by the hearth, the better to chase off Mister Frost.

I propose a game that is something of a devotion amongst the Knights Templar. As an honourary member I have, on those occasions when our paths have chanced to cross, assisted them in the defence of missionaries in foreign lands, swiftly dispatching any particularly suspicious looking gangs of heathens to make safe our charges with their message of peace, love and forgiveness.

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Hail and well met Sir R-----! As you can see, reports of my demise have been greatly exaggerated! No, I have spent these last several months in Persia at the express invite of the Caliphate. As you are no doubt aware Musulmen have a peculiar fascination with matters astronomical and, what with my being something of a favourite in the heavenly courts, their acamedicians were keen to record for posterity my testimony regarding the customs and culture of their subjects.

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