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May The Fours Be With You

Sir R-----! Come join me for a glass of chilled wine! I have a notion that you're in the mood for a wager. What say you?

I knew it!

I have in mind a game of dice that reminds me of my time as the Russian military attaché to the city state of Coruscant and its territories during the traitorous popular uprising fomented by the blasphemous teachings of a fundamentalist religious sect known as the Jedi.

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The Rich Get Richer

Sir R-----! I must say that it is a relief to have the company of a fellow nobleman in these distressing times. That I have had to sell not one, but two of my several hundred antiquities to settle the burden of tax that this oppressive democracy has put upon me, simply to enrich slugabeds I might add, is quite intolerable!

Come, let us drown our sorrows whilst we still have the means to do so and engage in a little sport to raise our spirits.

I have a fancy for a game that I used to play when I was the Russian ambassador to the Rose Tree Valley commune. Founded by the philosopher queen Zway Remington as a haven for downtrodden wealthy industrialists, it was the purest of pure meritocracies; no handouts to the idle labouring classes there!

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Quaker's Dozen

Sir R-----, my fine friend! The coming of spring always puts one in excellent spirits, do you not find? Speaking of which, come join me in a glass of this particularly peaty whiskey with which we might toast her imminent arrival!

Might I tempt you with a little sport to quicken the blood still further?

It lifts my soul to hear it Sir!

I have in mind a game that I learned when in passage to the new world with a company of twelve Quakers. I was not especially relishing the prospect of yet another monotonous transatlantic crossing and so you can imagine my relief when I spied the boisterous party embarking, dressed in the finest silks and satins and singing a bawdy tavern ballad as they took turns at a bottle of what looked like a very fine brandy indeed!

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Share And Share Alike

Sir R----- my fine fellow! Come join me in quenching this summer eve's thirst with a tankard of cold ale! Might I presume that your thirst for wager is as pressing as that for refreshment?

I am gladdened to hear it Sir! Gladdened to hear it indeed!

This day's sweltering heat has put me in mind of the time that I found myself temporarily misplaced in the great Caloris rainforest on Mercury. I had been escorting the Velikovsky expedition, which had secured the patronage of the Russian Imperial court for its mission to locate the source of the Amazon, and on one particularly close evening our encampment was attacked by a band of Salamanders which, unlike their diminutive Earthly cousins, stood some eight feet tall and wielded vicious looking barbed spears.

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One Against Many

Sir R-----! Might I presume that you are of a mood for a glass and a wager?

Good fellow! Stout fellow! Come join me in a draught!

I suggest a game oft played in the fair land of Lyonesse which, contrary to historical record, has not forever sunk beneath the waves, but has rather through some oversight been quite forgot in all our atlases.
I had been invited to banquet with the King of that fair and fecund realm, but arrived to find his court in disarray; the Queen had been stolen away by the foul Lord Maleagant! Naturally, I immediately put myself at my host's disposal and set off to rescue his fair bride.

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High Rollers

Sir R-----, my fine fellow, it does my heart good to see you upon this summer's eve! Will you take a glass of muscatel and, perchance, a wager?

As I should have expected, you have not disappointed me sir!

Might I propose a game native to the Isle of Cockaigne, that land of plenty where the fountains run with this elixir, where the vintners string up their vines with sausages and where, whensoever it rains, it rains gravy?

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South Seas Roll 'Em

Hail and well met Sir R-----! As ever, it is my very great pleasure to invite you to join me in a glass of restorative spirits and perhaps a little sport.
Why you seem pained my friend; what ails you?

Your back, you say?

It so happens that I have in my possession a quantity of snake oil liniment prepared by the master apothecaries of the South Sea Floating City, of which I can vouchsafe efficacy.

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Warren Terror

Sir R-----, my good man! Might I tempt you with a tankard of this most refreshing ale and, perchance, some small wager with which we might while away this fine spring evening?

Splendid fellow!

Might I suggest a game employed by the famously superstitious leporine subjects of the moon fairy Chang'e to test the luck of her generals? Oft set upon by ravenous Selenites tired of their predominantly mushroom based cuisine, they must decide upon which of the entrances to their warren that they should most heavily fortify. Not knowing at which of them an attack might take place, the element of luck is clearly of paramount importance and is tested by how successfully they might, in their game, place defensive troops so as to outnumber their attackers.

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The Game Masters Of Triskelion

Salutations Sir R-----! I trust that this fine evening finds you in good mettle and, perchance, of a mind for a little sport to accompany our libations?

It gladdens me to hear it sir!

I propose a game based upon the curious literary tradition of the subterranean peoples of Triskelion. I once visited their land during the festival of Djenqon, when tradition dictates that they emerge from their dank underground lairs into the cold light of day, often elaborately costumed, and gather in communal halls to gorge themselves on savoury baked goods and sickly sweet drinks whilst regaling each other with the retelling of legends.

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Two Against One

Greetings Sir R-----! Will you join me in a glass of wine and a wager to make it that much the sweeter?

Excellent fellow!

May I propose a game of Two Against One, the name of which always puts me in mind of the time I finally settled the question of which school of fencing was indubitably the superior by testing my mettle against Caranza of the Spanish school and Capo Ferro of the Italian, my having grown weary of their constant bickering about whose was the greatest when I had no doubt whatsoever that it was in fact the German.

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